Talking, Talking, Talking ... and more talking, it's what I like to do.

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Raspberry Pi Drone

A fully functional drone which includes: GPS, Telemetry Modules, ESC's, Brushless Motors. Powered by LIPO batteries, configured using ArduPilot's Mission Planner Software. Read more about this Project.

Navigation App

Android Application that guides user to inputted destination via LED’s on prototyped board. Created using Google Maps API, Arudino UNO, Magnetometer and Bluetooth Module. Interested? Click Here!

Other Projects

I really enjoy spending my time learning various things and a big part in doing this is working on random projects, whether that be for a school club, for work or simply for myself! See my other Projects!

What I do on my Free Time

From Breakdancing, to cooking, to reading, I like to be a jack of all trades, but master of "some".

  • Breakdance

    One of my favourite pass times. I could do it night and day, it combines my favourite aspects of exercises into an interesting way to express yourself

  • Calisthenics

    From Static holds to dynamic movements, I've been practising calisthenics for over 3 years!

  • Reading

    Honestly will read anything, always looking for recommendations. Favourites are: The Hobbit, Homo Deus & The Institute

  • Cooking

    Picked it up while living on my own. Fell in love with the process, always looking for new recipes to try!

  • 3D Art

    Allows me to practise my creativity. My goal is to do it more often, I tend to use Blender for all things 3D art.

  • Traveling

    Costly but worth it. Looking to travel more frequently, going to Spain for an Exchange term in Fall 2023!

Contact Me!

Feel Free to reach out to discuss opportunities or simply arrange a coffee chat.