Lunar Lander with Reinforcement Learning

Unity application developed using the MLAgents library to train a spacecraft to autonomously land on a specified area within confined boundaries. Interested? Click Here!

Raspberry Pi Drone

A fully functional drone which includes: GPS, Telemetry Modules, ESC's, Brushless Motors. Powered by LIPO batteries, configured using ArduPilot's Mission Planner Software. Read more about this Project.

Other Projects

I really enjoy spending my time learning various things and a big part in doing this is working on random projects, whether that be for a school club, for work or simply for myself! See my other Projects!

What I do on my Free Time

From Breakdancing, to cooking, to reading, I like to be a jack of all trades, but master of "some".

  • Breakdance

    One of my favourite pass times. I could do it night and day, it combines my favourite aspects of exercises into an interesting way to express yourself

  • Calisthenics

    From Static holds to dynamic movements, I've been practising calisthenics for over 3 years!

  • Reading

    Honestly will read anything, always looking for recommendations. Favourites are: The Hobbit, Homo Deus & The Institute

  • Cooking

    Picked it up while living on my own. Fell in love with the process, always looking for new recipes to try!

  • 3D Art

    Allows me to practise my creativity. My goal is to do it more often, I tend to use Blender for all things 3D art.

  • Traveling

    Costly but worth it. Looking to travel more frequently, going to Japan as a graduation present for myself!


Talking, Talking, Talking ... and more talking, it's what I like to do.

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Contact Me!

Feel Free to reach out to discuss opportunities or simply arrange a coffee chat.